6 Week Fall Special | Dance Into Your Best Body for Just $89!

Fall into Fitness: Energize Your Season with Zumba Classes!

The 6 Week Transformation alone is worth $399, but you can get it today for just $89 so you can get that summer body you’ve always wanted. No memberships or ongoing fees!

Fun way to lose weight

Unlimited access to the program for 12 months*

14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee**

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From Beginner to Pro

The number one thing we hear from folks who want to try Zumba is “it sounds great but I can't dance” or “looks fun, but I’ve never danced before”.

The best part about Zumba is that anyone can do it, whether you’re a pro dancer or you barely danced at your cousin’s wedding 25 years ago. 

Zumba is all about feeling good. Since you can start at your house, you don’t have to worry about how you look or your dancing technique. It’s all about having fun!

Lose Weight While Having Fun

Everyone knows that you need to consistently exercise to get that dream body…

The problem is, most exercise is boring and feels like work. So you get really excited, go to the gym once or twice and then… nothing. Because it’s not fun!

Here’s the thing though: exercise does not have to feel like work! We’re surrounded by expressions like “no pain no gain” that drives it into our minds that if you aren’t suffering, you aren’t losing weight - and that just couldn’t be further from the truth!

“This program is easy to use and fun to do. The instructors are full of energy and make you look forward to doing the next workout. I would highly recommend the 6 week program. If you love Zumba you will love these workouts, if your new to Zumba you will also love these workouts.”


April 18

“This experience has been wonderful. The program works every part of the body and at the same time i had lots of fun doing it. My blood pressure is down to normal range and I feel so much better. I have even lost weight and inches. Thanks so much for putting together such a fun program. ”

Racine Crutch

March 10

“An awesome way to start the New Year and stay focused! Zumba choreo, music and energy at its best! The Zumba Crew are so motivational and the nutrition and well being advice so well structured and easy to follow! Thank you so so much!!!”


March 10

In a Zumba class, you can have fun and burn calories!

Zumba is one of the best ways to get in the best shape of your life, but before, you had to join classes, show up in person, and for a lot of folks it wasn’t convenient. Don’t get us wrong, we love our in-person classes. But sometimes life gets in the way. No more!
Introducing the Brand-New
Zumba 6 Week Transformation!

You’re able to get all the benefits of Zumba from the comfort of your own home or... anywhere really!

☀️ The 6 Week Transformation Summer Special ☀️

The weather’s hot, but your body could be hotter.

The 6 Week Transformation alone is worth $399, but you can get it today for just $89 so you can get that summer body you’ve always wanted. No memberships or ongoing fees!

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Daily meal plans and delicious recipes to get to your summer goals even faster

Private community to connect with other Zumba dancers to  stay on track.

Exclusive motivation and mindset coaching for when you need that extra bit of fire

What do I get?

Immediately after claiming your 6 Week Transformation, you’ll receive access to our exclusive online classes portal and you can start dancing! 

In order to start working toward your dream body, all you have to do is sign up and get your groove on

The best part? It comes with our 14 day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, just shoot us an email and we’ll refund you no-questions asked!
Check out some real-life Zumba results!
The Zumba® 6 Week Transformation Program includes

  • 36 On-Demand Zumba® Workouts for all levels
  • Daily Nutrition Plan & Recipes
  • Motivational Videos to Keep You on Track
  • Private Community Support Group
  • Unlimited access for 12 months so you can go at your own pace

*All Sales Are Final. No Refunds. You have 12 months to access the Zumba® 6 Week Transformation Program (the "6 Week Program") from the date of your purchase. You will not have access to any content from the 6 Week Program after 12 months. The 6 Week Program is only available in English. 

Consult your physician or health care provider before beginning this or any exercise or nutrition program. Individual results may vary. As with any exercise or nutrition program, your results will depend on many factors, including but not limited to your unique health and genetic profile, fitness and nutrition level, and level of dedication and commitment to the 6 Week Program.

**14-Day Money Back Guarantee. The 14-day money back guarantee period begins on the date you purchase the Zumba® 6 Week Transformation Program ("Program"). To receive a refund you must email our Customer Care Department at 6week@zumba.com within 14 calendar days of the date you purchased the Program. Applies to first time purchases of the Program only. We reserve the right to change or terminate this Guarantee at any time.

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